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Boost Your Creativity

Boost Your Creativity

Setting the stage for a creative space

When you see a piece of art, where does your mind take you? A raw watercolour displaying a roaring storm after a fire; your mind takes you into the scene of the painting. You imagine what it would feel like, or smell like to be within the picture. You think of the animals that would have had to flee to escape the blaze, and the relief the pouring rain would bring. But do you ever think of how the painting came to be? How it was created? The thoughts that were going through the artists mind when they were dipping their brush into the royal blue paint? There are many factors that influence the outcome of a piece of art, and being an artist, it is important to recognise those factors.

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Studio News June

Studio News June


It’s been a couple of months since we sent out an update as we have been busy setting up the new venue in Maitland which is now OPEN….
We must say the outside “Shopfront” looks amazing and all the locals are giving us very positive reviews – so very happy
We are also thrilled to be announcing that we are having an Official Gallery Launch and Opening by Maitland Mayor,
Loretta Baker on Sat 28 Jul 12pm-3pm
Our Resident Artists who appear below will all be in the gallery to meet with you all and talk about their works, so
if you are interested in attending please drop us an email to


Meg Lewer

Helen Pizanno

Peter Masters

Lorna Ballantyne Epps


We have limited  spaces left for anyone interested  in hanging on a more permanent basis in our beautiful gallery or if that is not for you – then you can rent the venue for a short term basis.  All information is on our venue Hire Page HERE


We have a line up of new creative workshops for both the complete beginner to the more more experienced artists in Resin, Inks, Mixed Media & Collage and not forgetting the new Range of Chalk Paint Workshops  for Painted Furniture – from Introduction to more advanced techniques. Says Gallery Owner and Teacher, Lorna Ballantyne Epps, “This is something close to my heart as I learnt from Creator and Founder of Global Franchise, “Paint Magic” Jocasta Innes over 23 years ago in Islington London, on interior design and decorative techniques, so to have come full circle and be able to offer you all these workshops is pretty cool and exciting”
Check out our schedule of Creative workshops by clicking HERE


 Catch you all soon……