Helen Pizzano

Helen Pizzano

I’m a texture artist. My business is Circa Art & Design. I like to hunt and gather urban and natural textures around Canberra and the coast. I create them into mandala-like photographic circles and print them to paper, fabric or glass. I like to take what is ignored or considered ugly and make it into something captivating and beautiful.


I am inspired by the raw beauty of the common and simple things in our environment – tree bark glistening in the rain; intricate patterns of lichen on a rock; water stains on concrete; colours of a duck’s feathers. This beauty is all around us, but often we are so self-absorbed, ‘busy’ or buried in our phones that we miss it. I would like my art to shout out and say ‘life is beautiful – enjoy it’!

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w. helenpizzano.com.au