Peter Masters

Peter Masters

Peter Masters is a Newcastle based photographer. He has been involved in art photography for more than 20 years and while he has built a reputation as a conceptual portrait photographer, his strength and his passion revolve around fine art.

Peter has exhibited in Sydney and Byron Bay with a focus on the ocean as a constant theme. With titles such as “Saltwater” and “The Zen of the Sea,” his exhibitions have been successful and popular, including one complete sell-out. Currently he has a solo exhibition at the CStudios Art Gallery in Newcastle.

Peter has won awards for his photography, most notably in the USA for his black and white work. Recently he has returned to his boyhood roots in Newcastle where he feels he is rediscovering the passionate connection that locals feel for their city, the ocean, the harbour and the iconic ocean baths. His recent exhibition explores that landscape and what it means to be a Novocastrian.

“I am focused on building my reputation as an art photographer. All of my energy is going into exhibitions and exploring what I hope is a unique style. In the past seven years I have been lucky enough to mount nine exhibitions and I have been able to count each one of them as successful in both commercial terms and in fulfilling my own artistic goals and vision. Since my boyhood, I have been drawn to the sea and every spare moment was spent exploring the local coastline. I still gravitate to these iconic places and much of my photography reflects my love for the ocean and its rhythms and spirit.”

Peter’s work is presented as limited edition giclee prints on the finest archival canvas which are guaranteed against fading for at least 100 years.