Sharon Rynehart

Sharon Rynehart

Sharon is an expressive artist from Canberra, who returned to her love of painting in 2018 after a health issue. She was encouraged to pick up the brush again as a form of physiotherapy…and hasn’t put it down since!

With a background in Interior Design and Colour Consulting, Sharon always had an eye for creating beautiful aesthetics. Her knowledge of colour, and the ability to create colour harmonies has long been a compliment she hear from others, so it was naturally going to play a dominant role in the pieces Sharon creates.

Influences emerge from her love of all things land, sky and sea. She sky gazes daily! However, the ocean has her heart and she loves drawing inspiration from the movement of waves, the cloud formations overhead, and the light that radiates and refracts through the water. “The beach calms and embraces me…emotions I aim to portray in my seascapes”.

Sharon loves to play with heavy textures, oil pastels, soft brushstrokes, and alcohol inks to capture her love of abstract colour and botanical forms.

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